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Final update: March 16, 2005

And so this is it gang...the end of Diet of Worms. Some of us gave it a good fight. But, due to the changing tides and influences of others, Diet of Worms has ceased to be. The website still functions and it will still possible to obtain Diet of Worms merchandise.

Thanks to all whom have supported this music and thanks to all who will continue to enjoy it.

On a personal note, I am saddened by this turn of events. Saddened like you would be if a friend or relative had passed away. It is hard to look at the end of something without thinking of the future and what it holds. The future is what you make of it.

I, Punchy, am and always will be the custodian of Diet of Worms, it's music, and it's philosophy. I still operate D.O.W. Studios. Currently I am working with various artists both as a performer and as a producer. Details to follow....


October 11, 2004

As all things that are left undone...i.e. the various "Neglected" projects of the D.O.W. camp are still left undone. The constraints of normalcy have crept into the factory, halted production on everything, and made us reflect on more simple times.

But, it's not like there have not been kool things happening! I have been out with Monster Magnet as a sound engineer for the last few (6) weeks. It has been real fun and they are a great band to mix. Damond has also been out on the same tour as a lighting engineer. It was a great way to gain perspective and to see the U.S.A. again. I hope to be travelling to Europe soon. I miss it there.

Enough hoo-ha....back to some business......I have nothing to report.

April 13, 2004

Howdy folks!!! YEE HAW from the great state of Tennessee...actually what's going down is this...possible May 2004 "Neglected" show in Nashville....we'll keep ya'll posted...

Thanks to everyone that has been giving us all the great compliments and reviews on the newest DOW production........

the Negelected

As far as Diet of Worms is going..Damond is working very hard on extra footage for the DVD thingy we are doing. So far some of the highlights include..DOW music videos for songs from Aquarius and Tantrum Land, live DOW footage including the very first DOW show with D, P, and a big video screen (performance art at it's finest), Aquarius and Tantrum Land in studio footage...and much much more...



March 9, 2004

Good evening.....just a liitle blurb about what's going on here at D.O.W. Studios. Damond and I have been working very hard on a new project called The Neglected. This project is more on the heavy rock/metal tip. Fans of Savatage and other bands of the like will really dig it!!


February 21, 2004


Damond here in sunny Tampa, Florida.

Diet of Worms is in the studio working on several projects: DVD Documentary, new music, new merch ideas, and a suntan (yeah right)

D.O.W. have been living apart now for one year. I have been in Nashville, and Punchy has been in Tampa. We will not be constrained by petty things like distance. We still have managed to keep Diet of Worms going ahead FULL SPEED. In the past year, since we lost our drummer(god bless him), we have been working over the internet. We have a new record out called "Tantrum Land"(which is in effect a double record,18 songs and all..) We are working on our fourth studio record which will be available sometime late this year. We have finished several versions of a "Diet of Worms" documentary which will be available on DVD in mid summer. I personally am very excited about the future right now.

Diet of Worms have conquered the past and will continue to blaze into tommorow.

until then....

stay tuned...and be surprised


January 1, 2004

Happy New Year to all. It's 1:39 A.M. E.S.T......I hope everyone is having a great holiday season.

I am still awake...so I said to myself...."Update the site"

....so what is going on?

Damond was in the studio this weekend doing vocals for a new D.O.W. album slated for release this summer....the working title for the record is "Hactivision"

Thanks to all the folks who have been ordering Tantrum Land. I hope you are enjoying our effort. If you have not bought the newest D.O.W. record....well....what are you waiting for?

D.O.W. Tantrum Land is guranteed to have you tapping your feet, banging your head, snapping your fingers, lighting your bongs, and singing along. 18 full length songs that span the styles of Brittish pop-rock.

(Disclaimer-Diet of Worms, D.O.W. Studios, it's members, staff, and loyal followers are not responsible for acts that you commit while listening to Tantrum Land.......)

And now on to D.O.W. Studio news......

Unholy Ghost's record "Torrential Reign" has been given a spring release date of April 2004. This record was the third time that I have worked with Aantar, Paul and Jerry (ex-Diabolic) and the first time working with Kelly (ex-Pessimist). It was a tremendous amount of fun to do and the record is devastating!!!

The music video for Morbid Angel is completed and should be on the air soon. Although D.O.W. Studios had nothing to do with the video .....we did do the record....so why not keep up with the news....the video does rock....there is lots of fire and the band looks killer!

Enough yappin' already!!!


December 20, 2003


Tantrum Land has been released .....just in time for the holidays. This record is a 18 song collection that represents the last sessions with drummer "Divine."

The music is a trubiute to the sounds of Brittish rock/pop. The musical styles are all over the place and very Diet of Worms.

Tantrum Land is available here at dietofworms.com

I put up some pictures of my recent touring with Nile. Click here for the


December 6, 2003

Back from tour, finishing another record, and setting up a new shopping cart......

After a long time away from his terminal...Punchy is back....what have I been doing?

Well....after the Morbid Angel record was released, I went on tour as a sound enginneer for Nile. Lots of fun.

Click here for the

These guys are hoping to record a new record in the Spring on 2004 and I want to be at the helm.

As far as other stuff is concerned...I just finished up the Unholy Ghost (www.unholyghost.com) record for Century Media. That record was a ton of fun to do and will be guranteed to rip your head off.

On the D.O.W. tip...

Diet of Worms now has a new secure international shopping cart system

through an E-Bay company


Damond was in the studio recently working on new D.O.W. material for next year.





September 19, 2003

After a long and trying tour of Europe, a website crash, a war, and a drummer leaving....... DOW is still here. In early September of 2003, the dawning and the sunset of Aquarius was upon us. Long-time drummer and friend of DOW, Steve "Divine" Wright, has left the ranks to pursue other interests. We wish him all the luck in the world...and then some.

Damond, Punchy, and Orbis still remain as principal songwriters for DOW. Be looking for brand new material early 2004. Tantrum Land (the third and final record with Divine) will be available December 2003.....just in time for the holidays.

But now on to other things......DOW studios is really busy lately. The release of Morbid Angel's new record "Heretic" hits stores worlwide September 23, 2003. Look for the music video on MTV and Fuse.


A special behind-the-scenes look at the making of Morbid Angel's "Heretic"
is set to premiere the week of September 29 on "Uranium" on Fuse TV. Hosted
by the one and only Juliya, this special Morbid Angel episode features an
exclusive interview conducted by Juliya with Trey, Steve, and Pete, in the
studio with Punchy in Tampa during the recording of "Heretic", earlier this year. Also
look for Morbid Angel's new video, "Enshrined By Grace", coming soon to


Punchy will be touring with Nile in the US as the sound enginneer during the month of October....come out and say HI!!!

Until the next update.....