Tantrum Land

All Songs are 128kb, One Minute, mp3 samples.


Damond-Lead Vocals
Punchy-Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Orbis-Bass and Backing Vocals
Divine-Drums and Keyboards



Tantrum Land

Music-Punchy, Divine
Lyrics-Damond, Punchy

Imagine a panic, a magical war
Where you are the commander
Manic, tragic strategies
Lead to a hidden board

Majestic Satanic-at ramming speed
You die or you are captured
Imprisoned, extracted then imprisoned again
Where pain is your reward


Birth, lust, hate, pain, guilt, death
The only way to win this is to put them all at rest
Automatic, a dirty habit
Roll the dice the "Losers" have it

Take my hand
to Tantrum Land

A mission of murder a perverted game
Of fantasy and torture
Incision precision, a decision to make
To feed you have to kill

A wedding, a weapon, a chemical spout
That drains in to your concience
A hammer, a sickle, an iron fist
Feeds you your magic pill

Imagine a panic, a magical war
Where you are the commander
Manic, tragic strategies
Lead to a hidden board

A tower ,a prison, a surgical fortress
Of maze un-yet discovered
Assassin apprentice in the devil's name
I cast thee in to Hell


Colour of Love

Music-Divine, Punchy
Lyrics-Damond, Punchy

My prism projects all the colours of love
Your light shines right through it
As white as a dove
Blue is the colour of sky touching sea
Red is the passion that's building in me


The shades I see
Are primary
They beautifully
Paint the scene
The shades I see
Are primary
We believe

Now you can see all these colours of love
The green mountains speak to
the child that's in us
It leads us to bathe in the bright purple stream
The current that carries us off to our dreams

We're floating down stream through these colours of love
Rapids turn orange
The waters turn rough
The colours are blending, they all become one
A yellowish light we sail in to the sun

Falling, Floating, Flying

Music-Punchy, Divine, Damond, Orbis

I awoke here against my will
Where am I? Will I be found?
Paranoia… I see people everywhere
I feel like I’m falling into thin air

Falling, floating, flying…
(I try to breathe)
Crawling, choking, dying…
(Is this a dream)

I was poised there, above the crowds
Never looking down, from the clouds
I reach out to the big blue sky
And with my arms wide open
I'm prepared to fly

I’m climbing higher into the sun
I’m seeing trails on the ground
I feel nothing
I am numb
I am numb


Goin South

Music-Punchy, Divine
Lyrics-Damond, Punchy

I remember you everytime
I look in to the blue sky
I'm gonna find another side
Far away from familial ties


I'm leavin'
Going down to the swamp land

I'm going down
To the sunset and the rain to live again
I'm going down
To paradise and pain
I'm goin' south again

You don't have to tell me
That you will always wait for me
There's always another day
To say those things you want to say

Endless Searching

Lyrics-Damond, Punchy

I loved the way you looked at me
The sunlight in your eyes reminds me
Of your thoughts

I never knew this could be true
When clouds come in
The storms bring on the floods


I wait for you
In this endless searching

I hope and pray you're in a better place
Where you can be happy while you
wait for me

You're honestly the part of me
That always and forever
will believe

They're allways the first to go
And we're always the last ones to know

Sleepless Nights

Lyrics-Damond, Punchy

Me, I’m your friend
I’m your quarantine from everything
We believe there’s no end
To the guarantee that we both need

The sky never seemed brighter
As it did that day
When we were together
And I will never see sunlight
Quite the same that way
It was beautiful weather

And dreams only last through
Sleepless nights when you’re feeling lonely
It seems only love can make you cry
Light a candle for me

It only hurts when we believe
It always dies when we hold on
It’s always darkest under the rainbow
It always feels the best before dawn

The weather is growing darker now
Bring on the thunder and the clouds
Watch as the moon is washed away
And we’re all set free today
Overcast, moving fast, this sun won’t last…

Surf the Eye (and Die)

Music-Punchy, Divine, Damond
Lyrics-Damond, Punchy

We know it’s coming
And we can hardly wait
The biggest tidal wave to ever hit the state
We’ve got our surfing boards
We’ll go to Cocoa Beach
To ride the eye of Hurricane "Stephanie"

Will keep the beaches free
'N free parking
And no fat families
I’m going naked
I’m gonna ride the storm
On my waxed up, slick-ass, fiberglass board

I’m gonna live
(You’re gonna die)
I’ll have it all
(You’ll be denied)
I’ll be the only one to surf the eye.

I'm sliding, getting pelted with hail
Inside a thirty foot green room
Throwing tail
I’m going naked
Waffling through the wind
Inside a boarded up condominium.

Forget the warnings
You should'nt fuckin care
Cause in the morning
There’ll be nothing there
Your possessions
Will be scattered around
You should have stayed to surf instead of leaving town


The next section of Tantrum Land was written after the 911 tragedy and the war that followed.
It's a fictional story of a world and people in the chaos of war.


Every war begins with hype, propaganda, and fear....

The Neu Welt

Music-Divine, Punchy


Enter our villain

Someone Special

Music-Damond, Punchy

I woke up feeling like someone today
And I think I'll wake up the world
Gonna break down every door
Gonna make them remember my name
Many times I’ve felt like this before
This time I’ve come too far to let it change
All the signs say they’ll never know I did these things
Cause the crime will be too great

When you die
You won't see it coming
When the sky
Crumbles down in flames
And everytime you hear
a rumble in your nightmare
You’re gonna die
it’s your judgement day.

Raise up your hands and wait for the end
Cause you know that we’re all gonna die
Too many souls and too many messiahs
A playground in the afterlife
Some will swing and some will be running
Some are stuck on the merry-go-round
Some don’t know even why they have come here
Some never even heard a sound


And there's always the "see I told you so" people


Lyrics-Damond, Punchy

The future is a symptom of our greatest fear
Suggestion, armageddon
Music to our ears
Knowledge is power when you're naive

We are the new victims of old prophecies


We are the latest version of technology
Creating all our rivals from the imagery
From "paperback thinking," from our history

We are the new victims of old prophecies


We are the radio controlled neo-machines
Feeding new heros to our enemies
Building weapons to destroy our own cities

We are the new victims of old prophecies



We always hear why someone fights. Unless you have done it, you can never know how it feels to follow orders no matter what they are. We never hear enough from those that fight.....and how it feels to fight.

Sgt. Marsh


Sgt. Marsh has given word
To go on
Soldiers march into the fields
To be chosen one by one

A collection of souls adorn the ground
Where the battle was fought
Killing fields where heroes died
And paid with their own blood
They may not win this one
But when he gives the command
They fight till every last one is dead

Bayonets poised
Like beacons to God
Smoke fills the air
The battle has been fought
A cool rain comes down
To wash it all away
The soldiers who were left alive
Raise their heads and pray

A collection of skulls adorn the ground
Where the battle was won
Killing fields that echo times
When we paid with our own blood
We won’t lose this one
He gives the command and
They fight till every last one is dead

And the fires in the distance
Can be seen for miles around
The flames carry souls
Of our rivals and our heroes…

Sgt. Marsh has given word
To go on
Soldiers march into the field
To be chosen one by one


And now our soldier gets deployed for the first time.....as he rides to his first mission he reflects on the training.

Pray for Me Tonight



Our soldier returns from war. He's met by people who hate him simply because he was there and people who love him because he was there. Either way it was all in the name of duty.

Do it for Me

Music-Punchy, Damond

Alive, in a world I remember
I’m back, with visions I can’t explain
I’ve tried to forget the intentions
My yesterday is haunting me

I do it for me, I do it for you
For my country, for my family

I’m living proof; it always shows.
In the end, everybody knows
I’ve tried to forget the intentions
My yesterday is haunting me

I still smell fire (I still smell fire)
In my dreams (In all my dreams)
The souls of soldiers (the souls of soldiers)
Keep calling me (keep calling me)


Our soldier returns to find himself alone....his love did'nt think he was dead....she was just cheating while he was away....



What you gonna do to me
That has'nt already been done
The things that I've already seen
Show me that something's just begun now
Look in to these eyes do you see anything
That tells you I'm surprised
Things turned out this way


Could you still believe that you're happy
Even though you try
To think of other ways to be
Being all alone
Is not the worst thing sometimes
It takes letting go
To show you how far we can climb

Now it's safe to
Climb in to the sky
Forgetting what was
On the ground

You will never be alone
If you know it will return
But you will never let it go
I guess everybody learns
If tomorrow comes too soon it's just too late
Release your love to me
And you won't have to wait


Feeling rejected, disenfranchised, violent, and out of control our soldier has gone mad....he's committed by police who arrest him after the murder of his wife and lover.

Locked Away

Music-Divine, Punchy

They’re here again to make me wake up
To take up space and break the silence

Cutting away like tiny razor blades
Why do they all want me to be locked away

My medicine keeps me from dreaming
Of ways to keep all you people screaming

Cutting away like tiny razor blades
Why do they all want me
You should be locked away

Our hero will be elligable for release in the year 2012.


And the Tantrum continues..............


Pink Plastic Dreaming

Music-Punchy, Divine, Damond

Take me to your room
Show me your collection of fools
Your possessions seem misused
Sealed and trying to bloom
You’re untrue

All the little things
Surround their meaning
Jaded figurines
Pink, plastic dreaming

Pink, plastic dreaming
Pink plastic lies

Show me what’s inside
Tell me all your secrets
The ones you don’t hide
You’re lips are chapped and white
You’re throat is tight
Tonight it’s allright

All the little things
Growing larger
Take me
Between your wings
We’ll fly like we stars

We’re fading, we’re falling
We don’t know where we’re going
Every time we find
Those things that went farther in our minds
And everyday you wake up cold
In your lonely bed
Now, now you finally found
That you're dreaming instead

All the little things
Have turned to memory
Remember everything
You always said we’d be
I’ll be there waving the flag
As I’m screaming
Hoping you’ll return
To my pink plastic dreaming


Music-Punchy, Divine
Lyrics-Damond, Punchy

Where it takes you
You'll want to go
When it breaks you
You'll never know

Your body's broken
Your arms open wide
With your last reason
Become part of the sky


And is it any wonder
That we all want to fly
When we see tomorrow's wings
Spread wide before our eyes
You're always free to jump
In to the thought that's most profound
Spiraling in circles
While you're anchored to the ground

You can't tell me no

Is accepting the dare
Following heaven
Through the turbulent air

Even though we're tethered
To the ground below
Our eyes turn upward
As tomorrow grows