"Unpredictable, strong, and full of angry surprises," -Velocity Magazine
"To Thine" is not for the faint of heart."-Immortal Press
"To Thine own Self" possesses an intensity that is also required for listening-the Rage
"A furious first release from Diet of Worms"- -SUBVEINzine
"A well orchestrated onslaught of anxiety " - UKV


"To Thine Own Self" is a fully orchestrated larger than life assault. Firing in many directions covering techno, black metal, disco, and pop. "To Thine" sonically and emotionally fills the spectrum. The soundscape is dark and lamenting. The storyline deals with visions of deceit, murder, disease and self- destruction. It's delivery is moody and unstable. String sections accompany industrial angst. Beautiful melody hooks quickly turn hateful without warning. Tribal beats (turned electronic) breathe angrily inside a rusting metal body. Guitars attack you from all directions. You are surrounded by your fears. Close your eyes and dream . "Your lost in yourself" "You are now your Big Mistake.." "What's becoming of me is what is coming for you" "You are who you deceive"……….."LIAR!!!"