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The Aquarius…

Every 2000 revolutions comes a new savior…

News Years Eve 2063

The red glow of the Aldebaran star is as bright as the sun on this hot December night. The world has become a slightly different place. Though capitalism still exists, it is very regulated and controlled. All subversive or free-thinking activity has been abolished. Introducing T.B.L. inc., the new government, the new economy and the only media source in the galaxy. T.B.L. inc. took over in 2013 having started as a smalltime software company. They gained their power by developing the only reinstall software for the great 2012 computer bug, saving most of the world from disaster. They then began working on organizing the world money system, introducing the Platonic Dollar. By 2028 they were the sole proprietors to the world’s music, film, television, news, communication and military infrastructure. Twenty-five years passed very violently. There were protests, burnings and revolt. By 2054 T.B.L. managed to jail, gas, electrocute, torture and practically erase all subversive activity. Ten years later, few remain.

11: 51 New Years Eve 2063 (present day)

He logs off intersocialnet and sinks back in to the hot sudsy bath water that fills quickly. "Soon" he whispers to himself while sipping his glass of champagne. He's D.J.S. the last remaining subversive in New America. Known throughout intersocialnet for his underground audio publishing: (wav/disks such as "To Thine Own Self & The Candleabra Experiment") He only has a one second window to get in to the system. This is his last chance. By logging on…they can see him…The electrode is charged and bare wires run in to the warm bathwater.. "Soon" he whispers to himself… "Soon." His eyes, red and swollen. He sinks lower into the suds….

The Countdown

Safe, secure, warm desire
Filth, freedom, fantasy fire
Laced with lust, xtc
I feed the need that sets me free
One two three and four
I free my beaten inner whore
It's a beautiful night to die
Love me, let me feed my need
Close your eyes while I bleed
I know I'm doing what is right

I'll peel back my skin and leave tonight
One two three and four
I free my beaten inner whore
Five six minutes tick
Such a beautiful night to die like this
Like me…

I rinse my thoughts and cleanse the stains
I chip my glass and drown the pain
I put the answer to my vein
And countdown the ways to start again
9 seconds left to leave
8 dreams filled with disease
7 more murders on TV
6 more seconds of energy to feed
5 lessons to be yours
4 less things I'll never learn
3 last seconds on this earth
2 last words for what it’s worth


12:00:10 sec a.m. New Years Day 2064 (Aquarius)

The sparks fired at the first second of the new year. Bright lights flash, and a momentary sensation of pain grips him. He sinks into the red water that drifts slowly over his eyes, and begins to hallucinate.

Psycho-sexual dreams came in and out. He began to see himself with a beautiful lover who wanted him. This lover…this machine. She pulls him closer, steel tentacles quickly emerge from her arms, plunging deeply into skin. He jerks back in pain she opens her mouth. Her body quickly shed it's skin and she became a twisting, hungry, steel machine.

He was "in"…



You know exactly what to do to me
You’re becoming my synthetic analogy
Jack into my skin so you can see
We’re slowly becoming machinery
Transparent skin can easily be torn
Leaving floating heads infinity adorned
Broken parts mechanically transform
The programs killing us to be re-born

We're wired into our divinity
A civilization built around you and me
Complete with violence and poetry
With cables running our eternity

We belong here, you and me
We're becoming a separate entity
What we share we believe

You and me we are machinery

Internal wiring safely corrupts
The systems crash, the frequency breaks up
Virus eat up what has turned to dust

6:00a.m. New Years Day 2064

T.B.L had been tracking D.J.S. for years since his release from federal prison. He gathered information for T.B.L. in exchange for early discharge. He familiarized himself with the inner systems of T.B.L. Up till a couple of months ago they knew his exact whereabouts. In November he disappeared. No tracking readings, nothing. T.B.L. sent a human to find him and eliminate his existence.

His I.D is Agent 42….he’s their best.



The Next Hit

I want you...To feel like I do
I need to know you’re in the same place too
We seek more than we believe
So just ignore the damage you might receive

Next time...You’re mine
My reason to believe
Next time, your mind
Takes more to be deceived

The next hit will make you forget that you ever existed
The next time you get what you couldn't resist Risk It…

You need me to help you get more
I help you see the reasons you always ignored
Love for you is double the dose
We're not there yet

But we're really getting close…

12 noon New Years Day 2064

After following an E-mail trail, agent 42 ended up in a sleazy dark lounge in the POP district of the city. The ambiance was in decline. Mostly old drunks and couples practicing their fetish rights. On stage, a thin, UN-kept young man in a cheap $400 ball gown sang jazz. An armed militant played upright keyboard. On drums, a seven and half-foot nude male (wearing geisha make-up) completed the mood on 40-year-old scaled down electric drum set. Typical for T.B.L controlled music.

Pure 100% desensitization


Beat you down

I'm watching you through your window
And you don't even know
I can smell what you’re wearing
I have some of your clothes
I'm right behind you every time you leave
Just a couple of feet away
You never think to turn around
You look so beautiful

I wanna take you and make you mine
I know you'll want to stay in time
After I get through with you
You won't be able to leave me too

You’re mine. To what I please…
I have you where I want you where I needed you to be
Tied up… in tape
Begging me for love, and mercy on your fate
You can’t scream… I took care of that

I know you'd tell me that you want me if your fear didn't hold you back

You came to me in a melody
And I believed that you wanted me
I took you in to take your pain away
I made you mine and you just scream all day
I'm free! (To beat you down again)
To remain your keeper and your only friend

Your destiny is mine to end
Your enemy wants you to smile again…


Flashback: Early 21’st century….

It became unfashionable to keep any hard copies of any media in your household. Why store books, music, video, or pictures? They only take up space. T.B.L.’s new invention….the Electrixx…the ultimate in education, communication and entertainment. They store your media, they store your memories, they store your culture…all you have to do is log in…and request.

No Pain


You seduce my body
You seduce my mind
Activate me penetrate
The hole is open wide

They provide reasons
We invent the LIE
Dement our pain
The sky remains, the reason we all die


Gold looks purple
On this twisted plain
No one knows love but we all know pain

You invite my visions
You invoke the words
You inspire voices that my demons haven't heard
If we survive the reasons
If we seduce the lie
Dement our pain
The sky remains, the reason we all die

When they provide the reason

We invent the lie…

We are in No Pain….


1:00p.m. New Years Day 2064

The Electrixx (TV/monitor) in the bar was showing a major online protest. However it didn't show an origin. First it flashed "We are in no pain" in what would normally be the T.B.L. ID Banner at the top of the screen. Then subversive words popped up right in front of the programming. Agent 42 knew exactly what was happening as he read the flashing words....

Could someone have cracked the system? "No pain..?"

42 knew all about T.B.L. and it’s history…the real history. He recalls the dark time. 2012 crashed the primitive World Wide Web and every computer/Electrixx connected to it. The world went in to panic. Most everyone had done away with hard copies…and everyone who was anyone was getting their knowledge of the world from Electrixx…courtesy of T.B.L.

Left Behind

It's over and no one came
We set ourselves on fire today.
We flail to fan the flames,
And people cheer to spite their pain.

What we are we became
If we knew then would we have changed?

You're trying...I'm trying
Anything we find.
Lying. Wondering.
What we left behind.

When you’re sober, you never lie
You decide when it's time to try.
Inhale and taste the pain.
Close your eyes and remember when.

No one is immune to shame,
We picture ourselves on an empty stage.
Naked and falsified
Slowly becoming what we try to hide.


1:30p.m. New Years Day 2064

Agent 42 raced out of the bar and into his vehicle. He quickly logged on to intra-socialnet and ran an advanced tracking search. He put in some info and within seconds found the origin and address of the protest. He then loaded his weapon and headed there. He arrived at an abandoned pharmaceutical company. He went to the front and entered through the open front door. The inhabitants had converted it into a run down squat. In the main processing, area amongst the ruins, was D.J.S. A hand was poking over the side. Agent 42 fired his weapon and blew the hand off. As he drew closer he discovered what looked to be the swollen corpse of D.J.S. floating just below the surface in reddish yellow water. On the ground, was a portable Electrixx unit. He was too late…his job had been done for him.

He called in the T.B.L. "evidence sanitation crew." Within hours the area was clear. They left no trace. He went to his quarters to rest.

When he arrived, he logged in to his Electrixx. He put in his code to access the classified memory areas. He intended to post his report of the incident. He found an existing report that he didn’t file yet. T.B.L. had already created a post to reflect their side…the official side. As he read, he could smell the dis-information. And for the first time he questioned his purpose.

Follow me

It doesn't make any sense
But you still go through with it
You'll have no regrets when I am through
I can make you forget that they ever hurt you
I'll exchange all your problems so your dreams will come true

Listen to me
Would I lie to you?
Do what I say
Could I lie to you?
Believe all the words
That are screaming inside of you
Get carried away

Follow me
You should be here anyway
Feeling like you gave it all away

Another vision of emptiness
Alone in the mirror
I know you'll never go back to what brought you here
Survive and forget, let the next have his way
Let tomorrow take all of your bruises away

Where are you now,
Now that you gave it away?
Did you receive enough pain to kill the turmoil you crave?
Did you find the disaster that made you wanna stay?

You can never return once you've been carried away

There was one piece of evidence that Agent 42 had that T.B.L. was unaware of. The hard copy note left by D.J.S. next to his body.

Blue Lilly

I had my hands on the answer
I had my life on hold
I felt fulfilled for the moment
I was finally in control
Did I rise so high?
I had no where to fly to
When I fell did I die?
Or was the bottom a lie, too

The days of living life have been lost
The weeks of giving all add to none
The months of praying to a name on a cross
Leaves the years behind when it’s said and done

I feel a familiar feeling
I'm starting to dream again
I sleep through the beginning
I wake when the credits end
Somewhere I found the answer
To a question no one knows
I saw everything for the first time
Even though my eyes were closed

In dreams I think that I'm awake
It seems I sleep the more I take...

3:00p.m. January 3, 2064

"Where am I?" D.J.S. has emerged from his "incubation." He finds himself not within, but a part of the machine.


How many days have I been lying in the sand
With third degree burns, and an orchid in my hand
I'm not afraid, I know I am alive
No one's gonna believe me when I tell them I survived

Someone believes in me
That's why I'm still here
Perfecting my memory
Over and over again

How many times can these thoughts infect my mind
Remembering the enemy I burned and left behind
The entity remains
Although the inspiration died
No one’s gonna believe me when I tell them I survived


3:01 p.m. January 3, 2064

He found the front gate to the system. As with any system of the day, sex sells. This was the first time that he could actually see how much it first hand. He was there…the main hub of the T.B.L. sex market...He could see all the tragically aroused faces logged in.


Invisible Girl

Everything is free
We are what we see
Clicking Away
In a digital haze
Will make you stay

I believe what’s in front of me takes me far away
Where it's safe to play

Invisible girl
She's gonna do it to me
She's gonna make me go blind
I'm already inside of her
Because she wants to be mine

A downloaded lovelife
To my removable drive
It's in the way she wants it
That makes me feel so alive



8:30p.m. January 3, 2064

Two days had passed and the data became incoherent. The phrase "The Aquarius" would fill the Electrixx under the T.B.L. banner. What did this mean? Could it be "The Aquarius" that began in 1982.

The system designed in the Middle East to be the mainframe for modern ATM technology. It was purchased, developed and renamed by an American company to serve as a basic database called "The Aquarius list". Aquarian technology used artificial intelligence to remember millions of names and record personal information. From 1982 to 2012 ATM machines served as a census. Trillions of neobytes were uploaded automatically. In 2013 ATMs became illegal when the great crash rendered them useless. When the technology was abandoned by the world population, Aquarius inc. (one of the worlds top companies) dismantled overnight, paid all debts, taxes and vanished. The disappearance led to much speculation. Many theories erupted over time. Some believe the "Aquarius list" was started by the extra-terrestrial visitors of 2015. Some believe that the list is T.B.L controlled. Most choose not to believe. The list gained notoriety in the 2040’s when it was mentioned in a speech by D.J.S. on his final international broadcast. The broadcast before his arrest. The List became a beacon to the world subversive movement throughout the 2050’s. ATM technology was pirated and used to record/distribute info on intersocialnet.

No answers…just frantic paranoia at T.B.L.

Agent 42’s obsession made him grow tired. He began to sleep. This rest was different. It was not normal, dreamless sleep. He began to have visions of something coming. Something very big.


The Rain

I've been having dreams of overcast skies
Purple clouds change everything before my eyes
I have a feeling that won't go away
I know something is coming down for me

Oceans for tomorrow form all around…

I'm so far away from anything that needs me
I'm still in a dream I've been fighting now for days
I have a feeling that won't go away
I know something is coming down for me

Tormented by thoughts I can't escape
Every where I look, things seem so strange
I see tornadoes coming down from the clouds
Everyone is screaming but there's only one sound

Pools for tomorrow form all around
The sprinkling of water is the loudest sound
Reflected disaster brings the sky to the ground
Dripping reaction gripping me down

Oceans for tomorrow form all around
The howling wind’s screaming the loudest sound
Reflected disaster brings the sky to the seas
Twisting reaction coming down for me

They say my name
As they run away

Screaming rain...


11:30 p.m. January 3, 2064

A siren swept the city like a tornado. Agent 42 sprang from his bunk and quickly logged on to see why. Nothing came up except one phrase. Perhaps it was gibberish? But why "The Aquarius?" Where could he look? He rebooted his Electrixx system. It didn't start right away like normal, in fact it took 3 minutes. It eventually came up and agent 42 entered his password. "ACCESS DENIED" flashed. "What's going on?" he asked himself as he frantically logged in again. "ACCESS DENIED" The Electrixx indicated a protest with the origin unknown. The screen went blue….it is coming.


The Big Lie

Give me your conspiracies
Join right in and hate with me
Look around you’re all the same
You sing the words so play the game

Erase all of the evidence
Leave space to re-create
A place, where we're the experiment
United to face our greatest mistake

Access Denied,
To The Big LIE

I want everything you crave
Say my name and follow me
I know what’s inside of you
cause I make all the words you choose
You only want what I release
Mind control by thought police

Look around your all the same
So sing the words and play the game

Erase all of the evidence
Leave space to re-create
A place, where we're the experiment
United to face our greatest mistake

Create another tribute to talent
Give us a face to emulate
Replace all of the challenge
With the easiest way to become great


12:00 a.m. January 4, 2064

Everything we have built…everything we are…everything we can be… has been stored. Every Electrixx in the network turned on and rebooted. "The Aquarius" now appeared in the place where the T.B.L. banner was once displayed. We now understood.


The Aquarius

Life is hungry again
The animals have all been fed
The dream has gone to our heads
Our heroes are all ready dead

Inspiration coming through in waves
Time is biting down on the days
The opening is giving way
Soon it will all be O.K.

We are becoming part of The Aquarius

Tomorrow brings another slave
Into a crowd who wants to be saved
Another monster who dreams up ways
Of destroying the human race

Into the electrixx we gaze
Into the fire and technology
The believers count down the days
While the dreamers create what we say

We are becoming part of The Aquarius