Aquarius : an introduction.


Music from the future for the dark days of pop…"-Velocity magazine


" The perfect soundtrack for the new cocaine generation"-Gothic Box CD-ROM "

A brilliant, fresh direction for next wave of electronic music "- Obscurio"


Talent, composition, soaring harmonies, great songs, story line, variety, If you want it all, it's all there. Diet of Worms: Aquarius.. Go buy it right now."-The Rage "


In forward.. It's over. We're all alive to greet the new millennium. No crashes. Few disasters. We now stand poised ,confused, relieved and jaded. Our greatest asset is our time. Music is reflective of what "times" have become. Pop music huddles the masses. Common ideas survive, become stagnant and eventually die. "Common Ideas" do not exist anywhere in the content of Aquarius…


Diet of Worms: The Aquarius 2064
(present day)

Aquarius reads like a screenplay, starting off a New Years Countdown set to a theme of heavy industrial music. The lyrics are dialogue to the story being told. It quickly erupts and ends in a violent frenzy. As the album uncoils, (Machinery) a groove hallucination, transforms you into a techno-orgazmic entity while musically tipping a hat to industrial , and aggressive soul.

The album story line involves two main characters :D.J.S( the last remaining subversive, still missing) and Agent 42:(a hired government murderer who is obsessed with finding him) The Next Hit is a driving dance/rave onslaught sonically creating agent 42's obsessive introduction. Now imagine yourself in a sleazy, dark smoky tavern on a Sunday afternoon. On stage, a thin un-kept young man in a ball gown is singing "Dinah Washington" style jazz. A militant in mirrored shades carrying a gun on his side plays upright keyboard. On drums, a seven and a half foot nude male wearing geisha make-up completes the mood on a forty year old scaled down electric drum set.( Beat you down) inspired by ABBA Burt Bacharrac and Brittanny Spears is a truly disturbing masterpiece.

At this point the Aquarius is coming in waves. The first wave crashed around you leaving smoking debris. The next one is coming to wash it all away. (No Pain) Sex-electronic Black Sabbath style riff rock offers an alternate existence and suggests: "No one knows love.. But we all know pain." Rewind to early 1983. Soul groups like Cameo and the Gap band were taking there cue from P funk and creating danceable hybrid ethnic pop rhythms. Chaka Khan and the Pointer Sisters brought back soaring gospel harmonies dormant since the Supremes dominated the charts in early 1963. Republicans, parachute pants, skating rinks, parties, money ,hair, sex , all distant memories due to awaken any day now . (Left Behind) a design in pop radio infiltration. (Blu Lily) an introspective journey through musical crescendo. On one hand it mirrors Brit Pop, (at times overpowering you like the Who.) On the other hand it's very Latin based rhythms and vocal lines are unmistakable .A strange combo that fills a dance floor.

(Memory) You're underwater now. Confused ,alone, alive, you question your mortality. As you breathe deeply you float effortlessly through the mire. Hours pass like minutes filling you mind with ramble. The surface is nowhere in sight . You keep repeating to yourself, "Someone believes in me. That's why I'm still here. Perfecting my memory, over and over again." As time passes voices of angels join you in song. Sweet dysfunction makes the world go around today. As the Great Identity Crisis swells, it seems we are spending most of our life in front of a computer screen trying to escape the glue that loosely holds it all together. (Invisible Girl) encourages the get away while reminding us that "Everything is free, anonymously. This piece has all of the elements of a brilliant pop song. Stocked with hooks, harmonies, Rocky Horror flare and served up hot on a retro sexual heavy metal silver platter. The dream sequence of the album has now taken a negative turn. Clouds fill the sky. The soundtrack becomes dark and trance like. Rain is coming in on the horizon. The mood is unstable yet hypnotic. Harmoniously the prophetic "Oceans for tomorrow form all around." hails the coming of a sonic force soon to viciously washes your senses away.

Pop music is currently in decline. What hasn't been reduced for quick sale, is being looped, duped, blatantly stolen, and too soon forgotten. Meanwhile we continue to "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." The Big Lie is the curtain that hides the wizard. It's the smoke that helps the witch disappear. It's music industry special effects. It's the mask you put on to fool the consumers. An image of greatness is much easier to achieve than great product. Recently too many lucky fools have taken the easy way out. The Big Lie is a musical and lyrical bonfire leading up to the big explosion .Machine gun guitar riffs scrap right along side pneumatic drums that hit you like a fist. Vocals relentlessly attack you. "Create another tribute to talent, give us a face to emulate. Replace all of the challenge with the easiest way to become great." Aquarius "the reprise" (you will not forget this one) Life is hungry again. The animals have all been fed. The dream has gone to our heads. Our heroes are already dead. Inspiration cutting through in waves. Time is biting down on the days. The opening is giving way. Soon it will all be O.K.

We are becomming part of

The Aquarius….