Final update: September 22, 2010

Thanks to all whom have supported this music and thanks to all who will continue to enjoy it.
Diet of Worms, as an entity, de-rezzed in 2005.

Punchy has been, and always shall be, the care-taker of Diet of Worms, it's music, and it's philosophy.
The production wing, D.O.W. Studios, still operates and has quite a diverse roster of artists.

It is amusing/silly/annoying/confusing that other people have tried to use the name with different spellings.

Please do not be fooled.

This website contains the official Diet of Worms archive and the spirituality we created with our trilogy of recordings.
Soon, you will be able to purchase the recordings, live shows, and other media related to Diet of Worms as digital downloads here. 2011 brings the dawning.

Long live TBL and down with DJS as we approach the bright light!